Welcome to Amicitia, a site dedicated to modding videogames and consoles.
Our mission is to make hacking your favorite games easier. Our guides are geared toward beginners.


Ryan ShrineFox: Webmaster and founder. Part-time artist, part-time modder. Distributes tools and makes informational guides.

TGE: Programmer and main tool developer. Reverse-engineers file formats.

Fennec-Kun: Programmer, made the P4G Save Editor and the RMD Viewer for the Amicitia tool.


KidMaJunior is the mastermind behind it all. He showed us the boundless potential of modding Persona 3 and 4 for the PS2 as early as 2012, when he uploaded his first video of a Persona fileswap.

Understanding the file types this game uses and how they work seemed overwhelming, but that only made it feel more rewarding when my mod finally worked as intended.

Thanks to this impressive feat, Ryan ShrineFox created the Romhacking.net thread in hopes of gathering more interest and more information. Fortunately, many other users over the next few years stopped by to share tools. Little by little, the potential grew exponentially until our group collaborated to design tools that would transform the scene. Today, we refer to our main tool in development as Amicitia, friendship.