Welcome to Amicitia, a site dedicated to modding videogames and consoles.
Our mission is to make hacking your favorite games easier. Our guides are geared toward beginners.

About Amicitia

Amicitia (latin for friendship) is a joint collaboration between TGEnigma and ShrineFox in order to produce modding tools and host all related documentation. Our goal is to provide everyone the resources they need to mod your favorite games.

Project History

Development began for a Windows application named Amicitia in January of 2016. It now boasts several unique features for creating content compatible with the Persona series of games. Most notably, these features include: model importing, texture editing, and archive extraction.

KidMaJunior was the beginning of it all. He demonstrated the potential of modding Persona 3 and 4 for the PS2 as early as 2012, when he uploaded his first video of a Persona fileswap.

"Understanding the file types this game uses and how they work seemed overwhelming,
but that only made it feel more rewarding when my mod finally worked as intended."

Inspired, ShrineFox created a Romhacking.net thread in hopes of gathering more interest and more information. Fortunately, many other users stopped by to share tools and findings. Little by little, the group collaborated to design tools that would transform the scene.

Future Goals

We haven't stopped there. Current developments include:

  1. A new model importer for the latest entries in the series
  2. A script compiler/decompiler compatible with all of the games
  3. A table editor for various parameters in many different titles