The best way to keep in touch with other Amicitia modders
is through our Discord server. All of our discussion has been
facilitated through Discord since January 2016, and we've built
a unique, active community that's always willing to help.

Before Joining...

You can use the invite link below to become a member of our server.
If you don't have a Discord account yet, you may need to make one and verify your email.
Please keep in mind we have a few ground rules to keep everything running smoothly.
By joining, you agree to follow these rules while participating.


  1. No spamming. Don't repeatedly post images, phrases or symbols.
  2. Show respect. Personal insults toward other users will get you muted or kicked. Don't instigate for the sole purpose of getting a reaction. If someone asks you to drop a touchy subject, don't discuss it any further.
  3. No witch-hunting. Don't backseat mod or get others involved in your personal disputes.
  4. No disturbing content. Your posts will be removed if their only purpose is shock value.
  5. No ban evasion. You will be banned without question if you're suspected of bypassing moderation (i.e. using alternate accounts or avoiding spam/word filter)


Remember, speaking in our server is a privilege, not a right.
Upon each infraction, you will receive a warn.
  • After 2 warns you may be muted.
  • After 3 warns you may be kicked.
  • After 4 warns you may be banned.
It's up to the discretion of Moderators when to remove warns, mutes or bans (if at all).
Please do not beg to have the penalties removed unless you believe there has been a mistake.


Upon joining, you will receive the Lurker role. This goes away after one post.
After making several meaningful posts, you will be granted the Members role. Then you may access #bot-sandbox.
The Modders role unlocks hidden project channels, you can get it by completing and sharing a high-effort Persona mod.
Similarly, the Artists role unlocks the ability to upload images in #art. Just ask for this role if you want it.


We want this to be a public server, but with all the advantages of a private one.
As such, only users with meaningful contributions get to stay. If you still have
the Lurkers role after a certain duration of time, you will be removed
from the server. If this happens, you're free to rejoin,
but please try to contribute in some way if you do.

Bots and Filters

A healthy debate is certainly welcome here. However, we employ spam and word filters
to weed out slurs and unsavory discussion topics, as well as one-letter responses
(in compliance with rules 1 & 2). You will not be penalized for accidentally triggering
these filters, but clear attempts to bypass them will result in a warn.