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I created this site to serve the Amicitia modding community. As I learned about web development, it has gone through many appearance changes. Today I'm proud enough to call it complete. Please look around, learn new things and make friends!


Mods: Browse the internet's largest collection of SMT mods, tools, guides & cheats. Many were sourced from Gamebanana.com, others were submitted via the forum.

News: Inform yourself with newsletter articles about Amicitia's modding breakthroughs, discoveries, and major releases are published here.

Guides: Explore step-by-step modding tutorials. These are accompanied by instructional videos and links to resources.

Blog: Catch up with my personal blog about other things I'm working on. I'm a self-taught programmer who enjoys automating tedious tasks or jailbreaking systems. Persona isn't the only series I make content for. The blog will likely also cover BotW, ACNH, EarthBound, Pikmin, TTYD, Smash and sometimes Sonic.


Wiki: Help build the modding knowledgebase.
Everything we know about files, formats and tools should go here.

Forum & Subreddit: Search and submit modding questions and answers. There's also a handy Frequently Asked Questions page.

Discord: Need to speak directly? Chat with other modders in the community.
Please Note: This is a public Discord server that is not operated by or associated with me.

ShrineFox is passionate about customizing games, consoles and devices. This site is a resource for learning the latest available techniques.

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